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Customize Your Art

My Personal Touch


I believe in developing personal relationships with my clients. And just as every relationship is unique, so is my artwork. Gone are the days when clients need to pay commissions of up to 50% to online art galleries. Intelligent connoisseurs of original artwork now benefit by working directly with the artists like me. Every piece can be personalized to each client.

I am not just selling my art, but I am giving it up for adoption. My art is a part of my soul and I would love you to love it as much as I do. You can feel good, knowing that you are directly supporting the local art community.

Original Artwork

Original artwork is the lifeblood of mine. Investing in an original, whether a commissioned piece or a piece from my gallery, means that you have exclusivity. Your original artwork, presented in your home or business, will be seen nowhere else.

Hand Embellished Prints

After printing to canvas, I use paints to hand embellish each print individually. This technique adds unique highlights and one-of-a-kind details in paint. This makes each canvas just a little different from the rest. I am hand-signing and numbering each print in paint. These are beautiful and truly unique works of art that are the next best thing to owning an original painting. 

Limited & Open Edition Prints

Limited Edition Prints: As the name implies, these prints are a finite limited edition, which means that only a limited number are ever made. Once all are sold to collectors, there will be no future availability.

Open Edition Prints: These prints are unlimited in quantity. I will print as many as people would like to purchase.

Custom Framing

Once the format of your new artwork has been determined, I will then work with you offering custom framing. I take great care to match the frame with the artwork, as well as your personal tastes. The end result is truly masterful artwork presented in a way that delights the eye and touches the soul.

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